About the game

Moustache Aces is an online multiplayer shooter set in a world war 1 environment. It’s being developed for Windows PC.

You start out as a fresh cadet, sporting a minuscule facial hair with nothing to show for. But as you compete in the sky, sending foes tumbling back to mother earth your rising rank is displayed, not by medals but as a growing moustache. But you don’t care about simple medals or fancy titles, No! You’re a pilot, a pilot striving to have the most fabulous moustache on the battlefield.

The development of this title will be slow at times as it is a project we are doing in our spare time. However, we want to invite players early to take the game for a spin in order to get feedback on unfinished features thus helping us to focus on the things that the players like and discard those ideas that the players dislike. Follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on any important announcements.